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Homecoming Exhibition Debate 2022

Venez assister au débat de rentrée de la FDA, le mardi 15 novembre 2022 à 19h00

Le mardi 15 novembre 2022 à 19h00, l’École alsacienne a le plaisir d’accueillir le débat de rentrée de la French Debating Association qui anime son Debating club. Inscriptions : https://forms.gle/w4WEqGeXXkDyPLBu5 

Dear debaters!

It is time to start the French Debating Association season with a very special event : the Homecoming Exhibition Debate !! The FDA board will go up against the 2022 tournament participants… and only time will tell who will win !

The motion is :

This House would make a long story short

The FDA Board will propose the motion and the Challengers will oppose the motion.

This year, it will be at Ecole Alsacienne, on November 15th, at 7pm ! Stay tuned for the teams announcements 😉

Link to register :

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